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Taku Horie

Yaguruma Kennosuke | Taku Horie | color page Shōnen

Yaguruma Kennosuke | Taku Horie | color page Shōnen

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Published in Shōnen in April 1959 as the first page of a supplementary magazine

Only this page was published in Shōnen, the rest of the story was published in the supplementary (see pictures 3&4)

Pencil, ink & watercolor on drawing paper | Size : 27 x 39 cm 

Yaguruma Kennosuke first appeared in Shōnen (Kobunsha) in August 1957
This manga is considered to be Taku Horie's first Masterpiece !
Kennosuke Yaguruma, a master of swords and guns, plays an active role against the mysterious black mask "Emperor of the Night". The action and the SF -like mechanism such as the enemy's castle becoming a huge tank made children enthusiastic all over the country.
It was equally popular to Osamu Tezuka's 'Astro Boy' and Mitsuteru Yokoyama's 'Tetsujin 28' serialized in the same magazine. It was later made into a TV drama starring Shigeo Tezuka , which was also a huge hit!

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