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Tsutomi Dazai

Hustle Boy Kansuke | pgs 47&48 by Tsutomu Dazai (Kenichiro Takai)

Hustle Boy Kansuke | pgs 47&48 by Tsutomu Dazai (Kenichiro Takai)

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Size : 21 x 30.5 cm (x2) | Pencil & ink on paper

Tsutomu Dazai was the pen name of Kenichiro Takai and Joji Yamauchi

Hustle Boy Kansuke was published in Shõnen (Kobunsha) and in album by Akebono
Originally a spy manga inspired by and based on a Japanese TV show of that time but gradually evolved into a funny|slapstick|detective manga !

Kenichiro Takai was assistant to Osamu Tezuka between 1956 and 1962
In the summer of 1962 he became assistant to Fujio Akatsuka due to him having trouble
making his deadlines for the Osomatsu-kun series. Takai helped out with the stories and character design but wound up being instrumental in developing the series and became chief drawing assistant of Fujio Pro, being the artist to ink and complete Akatsuka’s work between 1963 and 1968 

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