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Yu Matsuhisa

Demon Beast Warrior a.k.a. The Devil Soldier | pg3 by Yu Matsuhisa

Demon Beast Warrior a.k.a. The Devil Soldier | pg3 by Yu Matsuhisa

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Size : 18 x 26 cm | Media : pencil, ink, watercolor & marker on paper

Demon Beast Warrior a.k.a. The Devil Soldier
A violence novel that tastes like a 35yo blended whiskey of Thorgal and Conan the Barbarian | Written by Yu Matsuhisa (1949-) a.k.a. Haruka Takaba, Queen Tomimura, Tomoborito, Mako Joichi, Ryota Yanagi & Takato Matsuhisa
DBW is 4 parts graphic novel published by 'Tokyo Sanseisha' in 1988 & recently reissued by Goma books as an e-book

About Yu Matsuhisa;
After being assistant to Masaaki Sato for about four months, he started working for Jiro Kuwata (1968) [The Great Resurrection, The Legend of Mutants, Death Hunter] and after Hideki Inoue introduced him to the still animation of 'Golgo 13' in which he participated (1971) he became independent.

His list of work is very impressive :
Sadness Wilderness (Original work: Ikki Kajiwara, Young Jump Comics, 1980-1981)
Dangerous Jill (Original work: Kazuya Kudo, Reid Publishing, 1984)
Warrior of the Wind (Tokyo Sanseisha, 1987)
Near Death! Original work by Kenneth Ring, COMICS!, 1992)
Hyena's Night (Original work: Baku Yumemakura, Sanwa Publishing, 2001) 
Warrior Martyr (2005)
Romance of the Three Kingdoms (Original work: Yoshinori Takayama, Shueisha, 2006)
Ultraman A (Screenplay: Yoshichika Shindo, Futabasha Action Comics 1999)
Yomiko (Original work: Kazuya Kudo, Reidsha, 1984)
1. Hungry Boy (Original work: Kazuo Koike, COMIC Gekigasonjuku, 1984-1985)
Demon Warrior (Tokyo Sanseisha, 1988)

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