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Hideo Nishimura

Biography | Hideo Nishimura

Biography | Hideo Nishimura

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Hideo Nishimura is one of the many mangaka that was very much present during the rental manga period but switched careers when mangazines started to dominate.
Between 1960 and 1968 he drew at least 50 gekiga manga with some of the most imaginary titles, some of the most gripping storylines and some of the most compelling artwork ...

His 'Pacific Bunko' covers are painted masterpieces ...
He was one of the first to work in Fujiko (Fujio) Studio where he drew Shonen Warrior ...
only to disappear into the world of illustration focussing on scientific and fashion magazines

With titels such as; The man with fangs, City of black Shadow, Personal bullets, Unexplored regions, God's Star, Saigo's prosperity, Prisoner's Rules (Kobundo Publishing) and 'The Death theme' ... Hideo would fit perfectly in modern days gekiga


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