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Jiro Kuwata

Yellow gloves X [title page] | Jiro Kuwata ('66)

Yellow gloves X [title page] | Jiro Kuwata ('66)

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Size : 22.5 x 35.2 cm | Media : pencil & ink on paper

Weekly Shonen Magazine "Yellow Gloves Ⅹ " Original story by Yasunori Kawauchi, Kodansha published (1966)

Helping the innocent and defeating the evil!!
Yellow gloves X is the birth of a hero of justice
Yellow gloves are a warning signal against evil!
"Yellow" has the meaning of a warning signal to prevent danger
The "gloves" also represent a handshake of faith and friendship
And the "X" is used as a symbol to remind those who have been warned by the yellow gloves to reflect on why they were targeted.
Right now, the world is losing its sense of justice so The Yellow Gloves come out and mend the hearts of bad people in order to create a more beautiful world.

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