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Joji Enami

Red Shadow Man (Joji Enami Action Series) Tokyo Topsha pgs 12&13

Red Shadow Man (Joji Enami Action Series) Tokyo Topsha pgs 12&13

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Original publication : 1964
pencil & Ink on paper 
size : 25.5 x 36 cm (10.04 x 14.17 in.) (x2)

Jouji Enami (1938) is one of the manga artists who led the gekiga (graphic novel) boom with works such as 'Topya Joe', The Terror, Jungle Prince and 'Papillon', inspired by the original story by Henri Charrière
He made his debut as a mangaka with 'Bakumatsu Chinso' published in Hinomaru (Shueisha) and became a popular manga artist with his rental manga ``Topya Joe Series'' (Hibari Shobo).
Together with the great Kenji Nanba, who also was a student of Takao Saito, he founded Daisen Productions!
His list of work is impressive;
Top shop Joe (Hibari Shobo 1959), Lightning Ace (Shonen Sunday)
Papillon (Shonen Weekly), Jungle Prince, Captain Ultra, Captain Scarlet (Weekly Shonen Sunday 1968), Mighty Jack, Silver Mask, Army of Monkeys, Ultraseven ...
In my personal oppinion, I find he did his best work together with Kenji Nanba. I really hope, someday, someone will translate these titles : Devil Hawk, Dead Cross, War Beams
At the end of his career he was active as a lecturer at Yoyogi Animation Gakuin

Any resemblance to James Bond and/or The man from U.N.C.L.E. is not coincidental

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