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Toshio Sato

Massacre pgs 122&123 by Toshiro Sato

Massacre pgs 122&123 by Toshiro Sato

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Size : 15.7 x 24 & 17 x 25.2 cm
Media : pencil & ink on paper
Published by Tokyo Topsha (as Yoshiro Sato)

Toshiro Sato (1936-2018) was a manga artist that went by different names such as Toshiro Sato, Yoshiro Sato, Ryuichiro Kita and Taro Mikami ...
In 1957, he joined the Tokyo Manga Group; Aizu and starting from 1958, as Yoshiro Sato, he published short stories as kashihon (rental manga) for Akashiya Shobo and Hibari Shobo. This 'Massacre' is one of those stories, a story about the massacres that took place during World War II and how the past can come back and haunt the unscrupulous !
In 1959, through the introduction of Shogo Hirata, a fellow student, Toshiro met Osamu Tezuka and studied under him. He helped Tezuka with his works and in 1966 he assists Tezuka on Ambassador Magma but also 'The Phoenix', 'Black Jack' etc
He published works in the 'Shonen Club' extra Issues and other shõnen publications but mainly published rental books as a gekiga (graphic novelist) including numerous Tokyo Topsha's thriller series and Kengoden series.
In the late 60's, under yet another name (Ryuichiro Kita) he published in youth magazines such as 'Manga Goraku' and 'Bessatsu Manga Heaven' ... and in the 1970's, under the name; Taro Mikami (depending on the genre)
By the end of the 1970's and into the 1980's his work started including biographies, fairy tales, history books and such ... Titles such as
'The Tale of Babe Ruth' (Gakken), 'Golden Mask' (Shufunotomo), 'The Swan Prince', 'Alice in Wonderland' ...
Toshiro Sato passed away in 2018

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